Muskaan asked 4 years ago
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Aman answered 4 years ago

There are lots of Local SEO tools are available, some are paid and some tools are free to use. Here I am going to enlist you some Free Local SEO tools which are best to use. See the list below:
1. Local SEO Checklist: It gives you a simple step-by-step checklist that you can use to better track your optimization efforts.
2. Schema Creator: The schema creator from RavenTools is a great tool if you’re looking to generate schema without the hassle of having to read through all the documentation over at the website.
3. It scan of your business on the top 12 directories and tells you where you’re listed as well as information about whether you’re listed accurately in these top directories. GetListed also tells you of any errors it finds on the listings it scans.
4. Unamo SEO’s Multiregional Tracking: You can check the success of a keyword in multiple locations and pivot your SEO strategy accordingly. It removes the burden of having to track specific keywords across different search engines in different campaigns or projects.