Anjali asked 4 years ago
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Mohit answered 4 years ago

The purpose of the inbound marketing methodology is turn first-time website visitors into eventual customers and promoters of your brand. In this form of marketing it builds trust, reputation, and authority in whatever niche you are practicing. Here are some inbound marketing techniques that you can use to grow your business.

  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM): Social media turned inbound marketing into a viral interactive experience. Now, instead of just hearing about companies and going to them, potential customers found companies, followed those companies, and interacted with those companies.
  2. Blogging: It is the foundational element of an inbound marketing plan, and involves creating helpful, relevant blog articles that address the pain points of your target personas. You can see exponential traffic growth after around 55-70 articles, followed by steady growth as you continue to publish with consistency.
  3. E-mail marketing: A well-crafted email marketing strategy is crucial for providing prospects with the right content at the right time. Sending targeted content to specific contact lists to help them progress through the sales funnel.
  4. Search engine optimization: Inbound marketing is nearly synonymous with “SEO.” Quality SEO starts with keyword research. In order to successfully gain traffic for relevant keywords, you have to use those keywords on your site. there are many other factors that influence SEO, including website user experience, it all starts with finding the best keywords based on your potential buyers and creating highly-targeted content around them.