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Aman answered 4 years ago

Staying updated on the latest social media trends can help fuel your strategy and make you stand out in the crowd. Here are some social media trends that you need to be aware of for 2020 and beyond.

  1. Ephemeral content will gain popularity: Ephemeral content is something that is available only for a short duration and disappears afterwards. Instagram and Snapchat Stories are perfect examples of this type of content. They are short, engaging, and addictive in a way that people can spend hours scrolling through one Story after another.
  2. Instagram will remove likes: Instagram is one of the largest social networks and any major changes implemented here can shape the social media landscape. One such major change is the possibility of Instagram removing the likes feature for posts. If Instagram removes likes then brands won’t be able to measure the direct impact of their campaigns as easily as they do now. This might encourage some brands to invest in Instagram Ads as they can easily track the ROI for those.
  3. Video content will dominate: Video content is one of the most engaging forms of content and will soon dominate the social media a clear winner over all other types of content. If you’re not currently creating videos, it is time that you include it in your content strategy. 

There are some other trend which is in use and will definitely give the new height of marketing with social media. Adoption of virtual reality and augmented reality enhances our reality by adding digital elements to it and changing the way things actually look. Social media platforms have found interesting use cases for these technologies and have started leveraging it in recent years.