Monika Gola Staff asked 4 years ago
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Rishi answered 4 years ago

Blogging is one of the most difficult tasks for beginners. For blogging SEO rules are nothing more than guidelines on how to approach your blogging projects. From my experience if you follow the 10 SEO rules below without exceptions, you are more likely to become a successful blogger in your niche.

  1. First make your domain clear. This is the root cause of blogging failure. This happens when people purchase a domain without knowing the history behind it. When a domain is penalized by Google it is sometimes very difficult to recover and this makes your job harder.
  2. Create a website which look professional. A professional website that has an SEO friendly design is more attractive for users and search engines. To do so there are many free themes for your blogging platform that are optimized for search engines and with a bit of work on the design you can create a nice and professional website.
  3. Quality content is most important to achieve high ranking. If you regularly publish high quality content that is also more than 1500 words, you are better off than bloggers who publish mediocre content that is also short in length.
  4. Use images in your blog to make it more interesting for readers. Sometimes I read a post purely because I like the image. Ideally, your images will add to your blog or emphasize your message.
  5. Promote your website with social media. Social media is the platform to market your website. By ‘socializing‘ you are not only benefiting in terms of SEO but you also get maximum return from your promotion efforts.