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Undoubtedly Google is the most popular search engine, with over 70% of the search market share. But that popularity makes it the most challenging search engine. Here, we’re going to explore the top five search engines. 

  1. Google: Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine. Additionally, Google captures almost 85% of mobile traffic. The large traffic potential makes Google a viable option when aiming to capture organic or paid search. 
  2. Bing: Bing, Google’s biggest competitor. Bing’s search pages look remarkably similar to Google’s, with the same categories and a similar white background, with blue links and green URLs. Bing offers “Rewards”, a program that gives you points when you search or shop on the engine, and then allows you to redeem those points for gift cards, nonprofit donations, and more. 
  3. Yahoo: Yahoo is powered by Bing, so search results are incredibly similar between the two search engines. However, it’s still an important search engine in its own right, with over 600 million monthly users on mobile and one billion total users.
  4. Baidu: It is China’s largest search engine, capturing over 75% of China’s search market. The search engine looks similar to Google, with a white background, blue links, and green URLs. Like Google, Baidu aims to incorporate more rich features in the SERPs. If you have an interest in appealing to the Asian market, Baidu is a good option to consider.
  5. It is certainly a more modest option compared to the likes of Bing and Yahoo!. Nonetheless,, formerly Ask Jeeves, is unique due to its question and answer format.’s sponsored search results are powered by Google, Ask has an original algorithm that favors expertise on a topic over popularity.