Shaan asked 4 years ago
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Akansha answered 4 years ago

Mostly people spend a ton of money on a Facebook ad campaign hoping to generate a lot of leads but it end up with little to no conversions. I am going to enlist here 7 of the most common Facebook Ad mistakes that marketers make.
1. Lack of clear Objectives: Knowing your objectives before the start of the campaign would help you measure accurately if you are getting the desired results. And if things aren’t working as planned, you can decide to pause or change the parameters for your campaign instead of just wasting funds.
2. Poor Audience Targeting: First you need to create a content that is engaging, interactive and have a good selling proposition as well. And, then optimize your ads to get to the right audience, or else it would be a waste of effort because you would not be able to generate any leads.
3. Using the Wrong Facebook Ad Type: Facebook offers you different ad formats to choose from. But, you need to be clear about your audience to be able to choose the right one. Some ad types are photos (with size variants), Videos, Carousel, Slideshows, Making use of canvas and Collections. To ensure success in your Ad campaign, it is important that you know which Ad type would work best with your objective or ad placement.
4. Abandoning your Ads: One of the most common Facebook Ad mistakes that most marketers make is creating new Ads and abandoning them for weeks. It is important that you analyze the performance of your Ads daily.
5. Using Ads for Sales Funnel Only: Another Facebook ad mistake is using your Ad only as a means to sell your products or services. This is like a salesperson that pushes their product in front of the customer’s face all the time. Nobody likes such a salesperson. To get successful at Facebook ads, it is important that you use your Ads to tell a story that your viewers can connect to.
6. Lack of a Clear Value Proposition: Your value proposition is one of the most important aspects. Neglecting it can be detrimental to your campaign. It is your value proposition that would convince people to do business with you or use your product instead of your competitor’s. It clearly shows from the beginning what benefits you can offer to them.
7. Running too many Ads on a Tight Budget: This one of the common mistakes that most businesses make, especially the small ones is creating very complex Ad accounts. You would see a single Ad account that is running multiple campaigns and has too many Ad sets. Doing this would only reduce efficiency and lead to a lot of confusion. If you have a very complex Ad account, it would be difficult to keep track of everything that is going on.