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Instagram has become one of the best social networks to campaign on after its parent company Facebook. The average Instagram ads or advertisement cost per click falls between $0.50 – $2.00. Also it depends on advertisement area. Currently, it has over 800 million monthly active users. According to A marketing report by Shopify, Instagram users tend to spend the avg. of $65 per referred sale. Whereas Facebook users only spend $55 and Twitter users $46.26.
Instagram advertisement factor depends on numerous factors, these are
What amount do Instagram promotions cost to advertisers?
How to bid for Instagram ads?
How to set and oversee Instagram ad budgets and bids?
How to keep your Instagram advertisement costs low in the best way?
Let’s find  out the answer of each questions one by one,
#Q1. What amount do Instagram promotions cost to advertisers?
According to a report, “Instagram posts tend to get 10 times more engagement than Facebook posts on average”. It clearly shows that there is a higher chance of converting the visitors into paying customers or loyal brand followers with Instagram ads. As a result, Instagram ad’s costs are generally higher than Facebook ads, even the target audience is the same. On the off chance that utilizing cost-per-click, the normal CPC for Instagram promotions falls somewhere in the range of 70 and 80 pennies for each snap. There are numerous elements that decide the expense for Instagram advertisements, including age and sexual orientation. For example, there’s a distinction in Instagram CPC charges for various age gatherings. The most exorbitant cost to target 25-34 years of age clients is almost $1.28 per click and the least is $0.27 per click for 13-17 years olds. In addition, the gender of users also affects the cost of Instagram ads as the cost for targeting women on Instagram is quite higher than men. Likewise, the gender of clients additionally influences the expense of Instagram ads as the expense for targeting women on Instagram is very higher than men. 
#Q2. How to bid for Instagram ads?
Offering for Instagram ads implies that when campaigning for Instagram ads, you will venture into an overall closeout for the client’s consideration. There are two different ways for bidding which are as per the following-
##Manual Bidding
The names itself states you need to do the bidding physically. Manual bidding incorporates overseeing offers straight through Bing or AdWords. You will choose when to bid, on what to bid, and for the amount you bid. You can choose bidding dependent on what connections clicks are critical to you.
##Automatic Bidding
This bidding, then again, is programmed. Facebook on its own will choose the bid that will offer you more links clicks at the best cost.
On the off chance that if you are new to Instagram bidding, at that point you ought to go for manual bidding or what you can do is place your bid as indicated by Facebook recommended bid which will show up when you pick a manual bidding choice.
#Q3. How to set and oversee Instagram ad budgets and bids?
You can easily manage your Instagram ads campaign’s budget with the use of Budget & Schedule section, at the time of the Instagram campaigning setup process. 
Instagram ad budget can divide in two types :
a. Daily Budget– under this budget type, Facebook decides the amount of money spend on delivering your ads every/each day. While setting a daily budget for your Instagram ads, you are indirectly setting an average. Setting a daily budget on Facebook will get you roughly worth of your budget for every advertising day. 
b. Lifetime budget – in this type, you set a budget which you are willing to spend for a lifetime. Lifetime means the duration of your Instagram ad campaign
#Q 4. How to keep your Instagram advertisement costs low in the best way?
Start with Manual Bidding- it is very certain that manual offering could be more effective as you will have the control in your grasp for the measure of offering. At the point when Facebook chooses the offer it might cost you more than manual.
Streamline your Instagram Ad for change- it is perhaps the most ideal approaches to ensure that facebook will auto-advance the promotion so you get more exact outcomes at a lower cost.
Set a time period- consistently set a recurrence cap, as it helps in setting a period span for your promotion conveyance. It decides at what time your audience can see your advertisements on Facebook or Instagram.
It is quite difficult to get answer that how much do Instagram ads really cost in India. But, on average, the Instagram ads cost falls between $0.50 and $3.00.