Anurag asked 4 years ago
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Rishi answered 4 years ago

Digital marketing is a crazy fast industry, but don’t fret—there’s enough resources on the Internet to keep you grounded about what to do and what to avoid when marketing your brand online. Here’s I am going to explain some common mistakes businesses make in digital marketing.

  1. Targeting the wrong audience: While incorrect targeting isn’t a mistake exclusive to digital marketing, it’s a mistake that costs digital marketers highly. Investing in a pay-per-click campaign that’s speaking to the wrong audience segment is a waste of time and money.
  2. Producing low quality content: Original, informative, and entertaining content is crucial in any digital marketing strategy. Good content is also the driving force behind your website traffic. By having excellent content, search engines like Google are more likely to present your website as part of their search results—giving off the impression that your website is trustworthy.
  3. Not optimizing website for mobile: Everyone has a smartphone, which means more and more people are using their phones to access the Internet instead of their computers. Optimize your website for mobile use, and watch your web traffic shoot up.