QuestionsCategory: MarketingWhat are the 5s of Digital marketing?
Justin asked 3 years ago
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Huma answered 3 years ago

The 5s is a strategy developed by Chaffey and Smith back in 2000 that provides a clear framework for effective digital marketing strategy to attract and retain your customers. These  are:

  1. Sell : Sell is an indispensable aspect of any digital marketing business because there is a clear connection between sales and revenue of the company.
  2. Serve : It’s very important for any digital Marketing company to know the needs and requirements of your customers and serve them accordingly. 
  3. Speak : Communication plays a major role in any marketing business. It is very important for both customers and suppliers. As a marketer you need to understand your customers well. Listen to them carefully and know exactly what they are looking for and talk to them.
  4. Save : When you market your products digitally or on an online platform it will automatically help you save money, time and efforts. It can reduce your physical and operating cost.
  5. Sizzle : It is about how you build or enhance your brand name online. Sizzling is all about creating, broadening, and establishing your brand presence on the digital platform. 
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