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Every marketer sells his products & services through an advertisement, right. But how productive, engaging, and targeting those ads are, is known only when marketers get high output and generate ROI from it. The fact is, marketers use any random advertisement method and expect to get fruitful results in return. With any non-efficient ads, you may not gain anything. To sell your products, you need solid ad strategy. This is where targeted ads play their role.
What exactly targeted ads are? In simple words, targeted advertisement is a type of online advertising that caters to a specific audience focusing on their needs, traits, preferences, and interests. Basically, advertisers discover this information by tracking customers’ activities on internet or various digital marketing platforms.
Different types of targeted ads enlisted below –

  • Social media ads – you might have seen ads on various social media platforms that change based on your actions.
  • Behavioural ads – many sites use past purchasing decisions to advertise to their visitors. For example, Amazon, places ads based on your purchasing habits.
  • Search engine ads here ads are placed on search results pages on the basis of your browsing histories and match the keyword people searched for.

Let’s now talk how targeted ads work.
How targeted advertisement works?
The working process of targeted ads starts from a person visiting a website to making a final purchase. Let’s understand the whole process in points given below.

  • Whenever a person visits any website, one thing he gets to see is product. The person sees the product which he searches on Google.
  • In the next step, the information is stored through browser cookie. What is a cookie? It is a small piece of code that allows ad networks and website share information to the person.
  • Finally, the person will click on another website that has same advertising network. Through targeted ads, a person gets to see products he has searched for.

To conclude, targeted ads make searching process easier for people who search for a particular product on Google. So, targeted advertising is the most effective way to market your products and services to specific audience.