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Akansha answered 4 years ago

You might know Twitter very well and use it on a daily basis, but you will be surprised at the amounts of features that you’re not making use of. When you’re marketing a business on social media, you need to know all the amazing features of it. Below I am going to tell you about those features so try it in your marketing for amazing marketing experiences. 
1. Pin a Tweet: Twitter allows you to pin one tweet permanently on your profile. The purpose of doing this is to highlight a particular tweet so that you can promote it more effectively. To do so log in to your account and choose a tweet you want to pin. Click (or tap when on the mobile app) on the menu symbol at the bottom right of the tweet. Now choose “Pin to your profile page”. That tweet will be on your profile page until you change it. 
2. Attach upto 4 images: Adding images to your tweets can drive more than 300% engagement. And in this feature you can add up to 4 relevant images in your tweets. You can also tag as many as 10 people for each photo to get more exposure.
3. Advanced Search: You can use this feature to track your competitor’s reach on particular tweet. Also you can find tweets originating in your locality, can track brand mentions, can find out how people feel. Advanced search keeps you update with the latest news. This feature is only available on the web app, it means you can’t use it with your phone.
4. Customize Tweet alerts: You might deal with a large number of tweets on a daily basis, so you may miss out on important ones.
If you want to track tweets from certain people or companies, you can customize your Twitter account to send you SMS notifications when a new tweet is posted. By this way, you won’t miss any important tweets. You can do that by setting up a tweet alert on his account.
There are many more features which can be success mantra for your business. If you want to know more subscribe our website to keep yourself update.