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Aman answered 4 years ago

Influencer marketing is all about connecting with the right folks in order to get your message out there, authentically. When executed correctly, influencer marketing has the ability to reach niche audiences and create a greater impact than traditional advertising methods. Whether it involves testimonials or product promotion, influencer marketing can work almost like magic.
Sometimes it’s not as simple as just picking an influencer in your niche and throwing money at them. Some are the mistakes which can destroy your time and money. Here you will read about some mistakes which not to do. 
1. Engaging with any Influencers: This is the first and most common mistake that marketers usually make when planning an influencer campaign. Many marketers just pick someone in their niche and reach out to them. This is a completely bad approach. Do some research before choosing influencer for your brand. If you choose an influencer without researching his or her background and values,  it’ll be a hit or a miss. Finding the right influencer is the hardest part of an influencer marketing campaign.
2. Focusing Only on Sales: Don’t judge success only by the amount of sales your campaigns bring in. Some other goals that influencer marketing achieves include brand awareness and earning media that you can use on your website, on social, on your marketing materials and more. If your product is at a higher price point, it’s not an impulse buy so you may not generate a ton of sales from your influencer posts, but, these posts are contributing awareness and your target consumers may make the decision to purchase later.
3. Neglecting to Define Clear Goals at the Beginning: Many brands make the mistake of not defining goals for their influencer campaign and just doing it because they think they should. This leads to disorganization and results in less than ideal success.  Decide what you want to accomplish through influencer marketing and who you want to reach so that you can design and influencer campaign around these goals. Be sure to measure them every month and brainstorm how you can make your program better based off of the data you collect.
4. Missing Out on the Multi-Channel Approach: Influencers have the ability to target potential consumers in a variety of ways and brands should take advantage of it. That’s why I recommend finding influencers who are bloggers who have a full social presence so that the earned blog posts show up in search results for years to come and so that the social media posts create a quick spark for brands.