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What is Google Drive?
Let me first introduce you what is Google Drive. It is a service that lets you store your personal files in the “cloud”. Drive is a direct competitor to other services like Dropbox, iCloud, and Microsoft OneDrive. these cloud storage services store your files in a central location so you can access them from several devices and essentially from anywhere in the world. They also offer varying levels of backup protection in case you lose something. These cloud services are valuable to protect your important files. I hope you understand about Google Drive, now we will discuss how it is safe to use.
Some Important Features Of Google Drive

  • All types of file can be stored on Google Drive
  • The drive is kept private
  • Files can be shared from the drive
  • You can edit and create files in the drive
  • There is a selection of apps available
  • You can work offline

How Google Drive Does Security?

  1. Before your data leaves your device, it is encrypted using the TLS standard. This is the same standard used to encrypt your browser connections to secure (HTTPS) websites. It is then uploaded to Google.
  2. After your data reaches Google, it gets unencrypted then re-encrypted using 128-bit AES. While not the 256-bit algorithm that most other services use, this is still perfectly fine. This is done on-the-fly before the data is actually stored, which prevents the possible leakage of unencrypted data on their hard drives.
  3. The AES encryption keys that were used to encrypt your data are then, themselves, encrypted with a rotating set of master keys. This adds another layer of security by requiring a second set of encryption keys to get to your data.
  4. This process is simply reversed when one of your devices retrieves your data from Google.