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As we all know Facebook is most favorable site more than ever. Images are most interesting in advertisement and if we talk about Facebook Ad then you can imagine how interesting it is. According to Consumer Acquisition, before you think about optimizing your ad copy – you first test 10 to 15 images, keeping the copy the same across all variations. Here I am going to enlist some strategy which you need to follow before writing Facebook ad….

  1. Write to a target audience: On Facebook, the target becomes very narrow. It helps to pretend you’re writing to just one person. This person is your bullseye, the one you hit directly between the eyes with everything that will satisfy their needs.
    Targeted ads on Facebook can be segmented by the below mentioned terms ,
    Custom audiences, Location, Gender, Interests, Languages, Education, Relationship status, Ethnicity, Generation, Politics, Behaviors, Connections.                                
  2. Different strokes for different folks: A major advantage to advertising on Facebook is being able to target your audience and directly aim your ads in any direction. This goes along with the idea of targeting. Your customers turn to you for a variety of reasons, so why would you use one specific ad for everyone? Facebook’s strength is its ability to target specific audience. 
  3. Less is More: On Facebook you don’t have so much space to capture the attention of your target audience, hence, what you say about your company in the least amount of words possible has to be the most compelling choice of words. When it comes to Facebook ads, don’t bury the lead, keep it short and sweet, and make sure it adds value.
  4. Add Call to Action: If people click on Facebook ads, it’ll take them to a different destination. The trick is actually getting them to click with a goal in mind, an intention, that results in an impression or conversion. You can include a big CTA button right on your Facebook ad like Shop now! Invest with us! Download a coupon and save 50%! 
  5. Match your Facebook ad copy to your imagery: If you’re a small business just getting off the ground, you may not have the resources available or time to devote to creating a compelling visual ad, especially if you can’t afford to hire a gifted graphic designer just yet. If you’re fortunate enough to own a restaurant, advertising your product is easy. Food imagery is always a big seller, and sometimes, you don’t even need to say anything. Just mention the name of your restaurant and add a delectable photo of your best dish. Then watch the clicks pour in.
  6. Be clear and straightforward: Creative writing doesn’t apply to copywriting for a Facebook ad. You want to be as direct as you can be. As mentioned above, you only have so much room to work with, make it count. You need to write short and to the point. You want to answer 3 simple questions:  -What is your product? How does it help the consumer? How can they get it?
  7. It’s a numbers game: Always include the price of your product. If you’re discounting it, show how much your audience will save, they love to see the comparison. For example a Coach purse valued at $300 marked down to $99 seen in an outlet mall ad, somehow that purse becomes that much more irresistible. 
  8. You need to Experiment with your ad: To do so you have to create 2 different versions of your ad to gauge whether you see a difference in engagement. What was it about Ad A that got more likes and comments than Ad B? Run different tests on your ad copy. Facebook enables businesses to pay a small fee to try things out. The difference in the ads could be subtle, but the feedback could be all telling. 
  9. Try to see it from a different angle: Have you ever realize that you eat, sleep and breathe your small business. It’s hard to separate yourself from what you think would impact your target audience the most. Sometimes taking a step back and asking for help with creating a compelling Facebook ad is not the worst thing. Maybe you would benefit from a fresh set of eyes, someone who’s objective and can steer you in the right direction or even help you write the ad. Create a mock-up ad for family members and friends who follow your brand, ask them what they think works and what doesn’t. It never hurts to get a second opinion.