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Nick answered 4 years ago

Videos build an emotional connection. They get stuck in your audience’s head, leading to brand awareness. They can be a catalyst to successful SEO. I am going to enlist 5 ways by which video can enhance your SEO strategy and maximize your marketing opportunities.
1. Build Your SERP Presence: Google is nothing if not attentive. The world’s most popular search engine continues to thrive because it knows what its users want, and keeps delivering just that. So it’s no surprise that the search engine has taken note of video being among the most effective content types to reach and engage your audience. As a result videos increasingly populate the first page of its SERP’s. Almost all the videos on results pages come from YouTube, which means that building your SERP presence and managing your YouTube presence has to be closely integrated. Look at the keywords you want to rank for, determine which ones list videos on the SERP, and then move to YouTube to optimize your own entrant for that keyword. If you build and optimize a video effective enough to rank on a search like the above, your visibility and brand awareness will increase drastically.
2. Grasp the Power of YouTube: YouTube is the second largest search enginein the world, processing more than 3 billion searches every single month. Every second sees more than 35 hours of video uploaded. To stand out, you have to make sure your videos are not just great, but also optimized the right way.
3. Maximize Your Social Media Opportunities: Experienced marketers know that SEO goes beyond Google. Take social media as an example. On Facebook or Twitter, users increasingly search for relevant content, making search optimization of each post more relevant. In addition, studies repeatedly show an indirect but clear link between social media performance and Google-focused SEO.
4. Enhance the Value of Your Static Content: Content marketing consists of static content like blog posts and web pages. Each of these content blocks can be significantly enhanced through video. Use it right, and the effect can be transformational.
5. Build Brand Awareness over Time: Simply plugging some moving images onto your website probably won’t immediately jump that website to #1 in all searches. Many of its effects, like the ones mentioned above, are more indirect. And yet, those indirect benefits can still be immense.