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Mansi answered 4 years ago

Quora is a free questions and answers site which allows thought leaders to answer crowd-sourced queries and establish their authority among the members in the rapidly growing community. Quora is driving some of the most quality traffic possible to our site, namely because people who are searching and asking question on the site are looking for feedback on products or services they are ready to use or purchase. Here are five tips and strategies that you can use to grow your sales leads. 

  1. Create an effective profile: When someone sees that you’ve answered one of their questions, what’s the first thing they’re going to do? They’re going to click on your profile to see who you are, where you work, and what you’re an expert at. If a user clicks through to your profile and sees something unoptimized, they won’t trust your opinion, even if you answer a question with detail and expertise.
  2. Follow topics related to your industry: The next thing you need to do is follow any topics that apply directly to your target industry. This will allow Quora to consistently update you on relevant questions that people are asking. That means that you won’t have to go searching for them. You can simply look at your home dashboard.
  3. Contact your followers: On Quora, you can only direct message people who have their settings adjusted accordingly. But there is a limit to get in touch with people privately. Instead of direct messaging your prospects and customers to learn about their questions, desires, and pains, you can ask them a question publically.
  4. Share your answers: As you engage more and more on Quora, some of your answers will perform better than others. You need to share your answers on other social media sites. While your Quora followers will pay plenty of attention to the answer, you can gain even more attention by sharing the answer on your social media channels. You can include backlinks to drive traffic to your website.