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As a marketer, you’re no stranger to the concept of negative reviews. In fact negative feedback is good for you. It helps your company improve and grow better than the competition. According to a report 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. If you get negative reviews against your service or product you need to put extra efforts at the time of response. Here you will read some steps to make it more constructive and effective.
Ways to Respond Negative Customer Feedback
Step #1. Address your customer by name
It’s a psychological trick. You can start your response with a quick hello, or a “Dear Sir,” but it’s not as potent as writing the person’s name. By saying their name and referring to their feedback, you show that it’s not an automatic response, and they’re talking to someone who’s going to take care of their problem. When the issue they have with your business can be solved, the reviewer can be more cooperative if you start the conversation in a friendly way.
Step #2. Apologize to your customer
Not only does an apology appease the customer, but it also shows others that you care about providing a high level of service. You have to say sorry to them to get their attention. 
Step #3. Show your sympathy with customer’s problem
It is possible that you don’t have to agree with the customer to understand their frustration. Imagine yourself in their shoes. You come expecting a great service, but it’s far below your expectations. Make sure you tell them you understand their feelings to ease up the conversation with Customers. Words of sympathy are the least an angry person expects. When they hear them, they may be more willing to understand you as well.
Step #4. Update that you’re solving the problem
Basically, the customer created a review instead of talking to support. It is important to update your customers what is going on or what is the current situation. A potential customer learns you care about your users and can sort things out if something goes wrong. Mention reaching out to the reviewer to solve the problem, and the impact of a negative review will be minimized.
Step #5. Offer a gift
Another way to try to give your customer a more positive impression of your business is by asking them for a second chance. If the problem they’ve had is out of ordinary, get the client to come back by offering a gift. It can be a discount, or free shipping, depending on your type of business.
Step #6. Request the customer to change the review
If you fix the problem you can request to your customer to change their negative reviews into positive. It’s time to ask them to change the review. If the person liked your business after they gave it a second chance, they will be willing to do it themselves. Respond with grace, apologize, and focus on getting more positive reviews instead of changing negative ones.