Muskaan asked 4 years ago
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Akansha answered 4 years ago

High rankings rarely happen by chance. Even the most skilled and knowledgeable marketers struggle with getting the top-ranking spot. So, how can a regular business owner hope to achieve this feat? Here I am going to explain some strategy by using these anyone can increase their chances of claiming top rank on Google.

  1. Go niche: As a small business owner, you don’t want to be competing with large organizations that have seemingly-unlimited marketing budgets. While there’s always a chance you can outrank them, more likely you’ll just end up wasting your time and money. This is why it’s so important to go niche. Instead of trying to compete with big companies, drill down and become a “big fish in a small pond.”
  2. Choose easy and realistic keywords: We want to rank for keywords that people are actually looking for. Real queries that someone typed in their browser. Using tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or, look for relevant keywords that have a decent number of searches, but little competition. Once your website has a bit more authority and you’re ranking for a number of easier keywords, you can always move on to more competitive keywords that will earn you more traffic.
  3. Add new content to your site regularly: If you want to get top rankings in Google, you absolutely must be adding new content to your site regularly. But don’t just add content for content’s sake; add useful, high-quality content that actually provides value to your customers.
  4. Add links to your site: Links continue to play a critical role in terms of SEO. Inbound links are the single most important element for achieving high rankings.

There is no direct way to achieve top rank on Google. You must have to follow those steps to get the best.