Raj asked 4 years ago
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Nova answered 4 years ago

A piece of content that achieves all objectives of marketing like increasing brand awareness, ranking well on search engines, improving click-through rates, generating leads, getting social shares is quality content.
Now the question is how you will measure or understand the quality content. A lot of content doesn’t mean your content strategy is successful. This is why keeping your content relevant and up-to-date is crucial. It’s always a challenge to track how your content is performing. It’s much easier to check and manage the quality of your content as you create and publish it. You can do this with following steps:

  1. Content value and originality: In terms of value and originality the first thing you want to check is that your content isn’t plagiarised. There are plenty of tools like Copyscape for this but only helps you stay away from duplicate content. It doesn’t tell you whether your content is original in terms of topic or approach.
  2. Check the spelling and grammar: With tools like Grammarly you can create content with added confidence. The best way to check for spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes is to have human editors check everything before you publish. This counts for graphics, videos and any other content that includes text as well.
  3. Fact Check: Google has been actively looking at ways to rank content based on the accuracy of information included. So check your facts.
  4. Formatting: You should have a style guide in place that means everything you publish follows a fairly strict format. Above all, you want to make sure your content is formatted to make it easier to read and more engaging – plus tick the following boxes for search engines like conversational language, short paragraphs, headings to break up different points, bullet point lists, images and other visuals breaking up chunks of text. Your content should be easy to scan so users can quickly get an idea of the main points and then delve in for more detail where they need it. Make sure any images or visuals you use are relevant and optimised.