Anirudh asked 4 years ago
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Nisha answered 4 years ago

When you are creating a new business, you should consider the brand you’ll use. You must establish your target audience, create a strong mission statement, choose specific fonts and colors for your brand, design an enticing logo, and form a strong, aesthetic, recognizable and audible voice. And you do not stop there. You need to maintain your brand by making sure it maintains authenticity in all your projects, new content for publishing, your new staff, influencers, and the brands you choose to partner with.
To maintain the authenticity of your brand you need to follow some basic steps:
1. Create an approved brand guide in which you can write everything like business goals, best practices and tutorials, brand, brand guide, and expectations. A brand guide should have everything a business needs to exist. You will find it easy to train new staff, since every initial training session will be the same. Your company will also maintain its brand for a long time.  
2. Understand the purpose of the brand, this is the initial step towards building an authentic brand. The purpose of a brand reveals its ethos, and the story behind it. Once you choose the reason(s) that hold your business together, you will see customers begin to align themselves with the design. Your brand should hold together, even when the trends of business are against it.
3. Ask for feedback from customers so you can improve and grow your brand because a customer is always right. Feedback is an important tool in building a strong brand.
4.Be open because your customers will be happy about your honesty. They will appreciate the fact you received a certain product for free, and owning up to successes and failures in equal measure. If you have a habit of telling authentic stories, your customers will trust you.