Suchita asked 4 years ago
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Rishi answered 4 years ago

Social media is a fast, free and effective way to promote your business. Building a following is great way to promote your businesses. If you’re focused on quality followers who want are interested in your products or services, the only way to get them is by earning them organically. There are some ways to buy thousands of followers,
1. Be Regular and Consistent: keep your name and message in front of your followers. A post here and there a couple times of week will get lost in the millions of other posts.
2. Speak to Your Market: When it comes to social media marketing, the goal is to keep your market informed about topics related to your business.
3. Follow Influencers and Share Their Content: Once you follow correct influencers, you should share their content with your followers. Many will follow you back, and the goal is for them to share your content as well.
4. Respond to Your Followers: Respond to comments, questions or mentions made by your followers. This is how you deepen connections, engagement, and build trust. 
5. Use Hashtags: Hashtags help people find content on the topics that are of interest to them.