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Luna answered 4 years ago

Pinterest is a visual search engine, tons of photos, graphics, links and inspiration for nearly anything you can find here. It’s like a goldmine social media platform for businesses with a visual aspect to their business, whether it’s photography or original graphics. In fact, more than 50% users are specifically on the platform to find photos of new products. You can create marketing strategy for Pinterest. You can use below mentioned strategy for Pinterest marketing.
1. Brand your profile: For marketing having a presence on any social media network is compulsory. First you need to create a business Pinterest account so that you have access to analytics, rich pins and more. You can add your own touch onto it to make it more recognizable as belonging to your company. Pinterest allows you to choose a cover board that shows pins from that board at the very top of their profile. This is the perfect place to add a branded board that has blog posts, graphics, product shots and other designs from your company. Ensure that they match your brand to give your profile a branded look. Upload a profile photo that best represents your business and write your bio. Your social media bios should be pretty much the same across all platforms. After doing all these you need to verify your account. This is how you get access to analytics for your website on Pinterest and turn on the rich pins feature that shares more information about your links.
2. Decide your content strategy: There are many different types of content that perform well on the platform like product pins, infographics or blog posts. If your business is a retailer or an online store, you should absolutely be taking beautiful product photos and turning them into pins. Another great pin type is blog post graphics that promote the articles you publish on your website. These should have appealing photos or graphic designs with bold text so that Pinners can easily read when they scroll through their feed.
3. Join community boards: Joining and creating community or group boards are great Pinterest marketing strategy to help get your content out. Pinterest allows users to invite others to contribute to a board, and it’s the perfect way to get your content in front of brand new audiences. 
4. Focus on SEO: As I told you before Pinterest is essentially a visual search engine, which means it has its own algorithm and its own search engine optimization rules. You need to focus on your Pinterest SEO and implement these rules on your own profile to see your ranking increase. There are three different places that you need to be focusing on your keyword usage throughout your Pinterest marketing strategy that is your profile, your pins and your boards. 
5. Frequently share fresh content on Pinterest: By this way you improve the quality of your profile, furthering the likelihood that Pinterest will share your content in search results. Extend the reach of your content build out a schedule for your post. You can also schedule a pin to go out more than once or bulk schedule a number of pins to make the job even easier.