Karan asked 4 years ago
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John answered 4 years ago

Everything has its pros and cons and there has also been backlash with influencers. Most of the influencers do not have an organic audience, it clearly means that they buy likes and followers. This is why it’s vital to choose the right influencer to promote and market your brand. There are some important steps you have to take before choose the right influencer for your business.

  1. Study the influencer’s audience engagement metrics before hire an influencer. This is an optimal way to inspect their authenticity.
  2. Take your time to invest in social listening. In order to choose the best fit for your brand, you have to pick an influencer who is relevant to your product or services. 
  3. Look closely into their technical skill because it’s more than likes, engagement and communication to market a brand especially when trouble arises. It’s a big bonus when they’re skilled in crisis management in their campaigns or a touch of knowledge in graphic design.
  4. To know them more communicate with your influencer. You can ask about previous projects and campaigns they’ve had and the results that have come from these.