Ravi asked 4 years ago
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Philip answered 4 years ago

Building a strong brand on Instagram isn’t only important for your business, but it is essential for attracting the right present and future audiences customers. You’re new to Instagram marketing or just starting a new account, attracting new followers on Instagram can be a challenge. In today’s day and age, Instagram is becoming a modern-day portfolio.
Like any other personal branding effort, you need to understand what your goals are. Is it a medium for sharing your work? Highlighting your expertise? Building a network? The clearer your message, the easier it’ll be to craft your profile accordingly. Now I am going to tell you how to brand yourself on Instagram by optimizing your Instagram profile. For this you need to follow some steps.

  1. Combine your personal and professional Instagram account
  2. Keep your username simple
  3. Use targeted keywords in the name field (It should be different from username)
  4. Instead of making your bio all about you, try to focus on your business.
  5. Add Call to Action link in your bio.