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Huma answered 3 years ago

Becoming a successful guest blogger actually requires thoughtful preparation and execution. It is a great marketing technique that can bring you many benefits. To do so certain guidelines you should follow in order to successfully post on other blogs. Here I am going to tell you about 7 steps which will help you achieve that goal. 
1. Define Your Goals: Before starting your guest blogging, you need to define the goals you want to achieve with blogging. Knowing your goals will help you find suitable blogs to express your ideas. Whatever you decide to achieve with guest blogging, you should focus on providing meaningful, well-researched, original and useful content. Guest blogging is an excellent way of getting backlinks – SEO and building links shouldn’t be your only goal.
2. Find An Opportunities For Guest Posting: The simplest way of searching for guest blogging opportunities is using some special keyword on Google. These are just a few of the example of keywords:

  • keyword + “submit a guest post”
  • keyword + “write for us”
  • keyword + “guest post guidelines”

Having valuable and informative content is important because it is one of the ranking factors and on top of that, Google even penalizes sites with low-quality content. If your goal is to drive traffic to your blog and position yourself as an authority in your niche, you shouldfocus on finding blogs that have a large audience that is highly engaged.
3. Do Your Research: After finding a suitable blog for guest posting make sure you become familiar with the content of the blog and actually read the articles they publish. Pay attention to the style and the tone of the articles and take note of the kind of topics they write about. Also, make sure your target audience visits the blog. Finally, read the guest post guidelines and take note of the most important information such as the editor’s or blog owner’s name, contact information and submission guidelines.
4. Connect With Your Prospects: Before sending a pitch, it’s a good idea to make a connection with the blog owner. This is especially useful if you are thinking about outreaching to a high-authority blog owned by an influencer. Take some time to leave thoughtful and meaningful comments on their blog posts. You can also send them an email to thank them for certain content that they published and explain how they helped you with their post.
5. Write a Great Pitch: If you will get a chance to submit a guest post then this is most important that how you will execute this perfectly. Try to keep your pitch short and personalized. Shortly introduce yourself to the owner of the blog, mention a specific article and explain how it helped you then share your post ideas. Don’t forget to share links to your previous work so the owner of the blog has a chance to check out your writing style and see if it fits with the style of their blog.
6. Write an Amazing Article: Once your ideas get accepted, it’s time to think of an engaging headline and write a high-quality, original article. Again you need to pay attention to demands regarding word count, style, formatting, the number of lines in a paragraph and link policy. You can make the text easy to read using subheadings, bulleted lists, bolding and italicizing. If the blog allows links in the body of the article, you should link to relevant external resources that add value to the text, as well as to other related articles on the blog.
7. Promote Your Post: Now you’re done with the difficult things, its time to promote your post. After your post is accepted and published to the blog, you should share it across all your social media accounts. This is your chance to provide more exposure to your brand so don’t neglect this part. At last after all these you need to say thanks to the blog owner for the guest posting opportunity.

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