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Regardless of whether you’re an independent company or a huge brand, Twitter Ads missions can be tweaked to oblige your spending plan. There is no base spend needed for Twitter Ads, and you generally have unlimited oversight over the amount you need your missions to spend. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about free ad. It’s up to you, there’s no minimum budget to advertise on Twitter, so Twitter ads cost as much or as little as you like.
Here you will learn four ways to promote your business on Twitter using these free tactics. These are :
1. Offer a ‘Twixclusive’
It is exclusively available on Twitter. Everyone liked this deal, and when presented as a Twixclusive, your followers feel as if they have an inside track to your promotions. Offering a Twixclusive can lead to more followers, more sales, and more retweets — all while building a loyal fan base. 
2. Run a ‘Flock to Unlock’ Campaign
Twitter’s Flock to Unlock campaign is a way to incentivize your followers to perform a specific action in order to reveal a special deal. You can choose to disclose the deal in your initial tweet or keep it a secret, revealing it only after a particular criterion has been met, such as a specific number of retweets. You can create a Flock to Unlock campaign using retweets. 
3. Generate Interest in New Product Launch
If you plan to introduce a new product in the near future, generate interest by posting tweets about it several weeks in advance. Tweet hints on a regular basis incorporating a hashtag that refers to the product, and that gets people involved. This type of promotion also works well using a Flock to Unlock campaign. The big reveal could be a video or photo announcing the new product. Link to a page on your website that provides more information. Also, be attentive to tweets that generate the most interest and then fine-tune your messages to align with them.
4. Promote Events
Use cultural and sporting and industry events to promote your business. Participate in industry trade shows, conferences, or meetings and talk about it on twitter. Use a hashtag specific to the event to keep conversations focused. Creating engaging tweets that center around these events is yet another way to gain more followers and breed interest in your business.