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Maneesh answered 3 years ago

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Public Relation (PR) are two different terms that used to work separately. But as the digital marketing landscape is growing with each passing day, both SEO and PR have started to integrate with each other and working wonder in digital marketing sector. That’s why the question is rising here – how PR and SEO work together? So here you get the answer to this question.
Below you’re going to read 3 ways through which you get to know how PR and SEO work together. Let’s have a look below.
3 ways highlighting the ways through which SEO and PR work together.

  • Quality link building

Link building is the first way through which SEO and PR work together. Having a strong backlink profile means a key to improving search engine rankings. You must know that PR companies are great in generating powerful links but don’t have grasp over SEO. Therefore, by working together they can do work for each other.

  • Collaboration via education

Another way through PR and SEO work together is by having collaboration through education. PR teams are not aware of SEO therefore they should attend SEO meetings to learn what it is all about. Same way SEO teams are not aware of media outreach, banding, and relationship managements. So, by getting to know each other they both can help each other achieve business goals.

  • Leveraging trending topics

PR industry keeps itself updated with events taking place in calendar. So, SEOs can amalgamate with PR calendar to know what people are likely to research. This way SEOs can pay attention to the keyword research through the year to boost their SEO.
To sum up, these three ways help you understand how PR and SEO can work together. However, there are many more ways through which these two industries can collaborate and work together. I hope now it is clear to you how PR and SEO can achieve their business goals by working with each other.