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PPC bidding is the process of deliberately raising and lowering your keyword bids to get the most out of your Google Ads budget. Your bid impacts where your Google ads appear in search results and decide how much you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. 
Each advertisement is part of a PPC campaign. They’re run by different businesses, with the goal of users clicking them and visiting their websites. But here the question is when you type in a keyword how does Google know which ads to run and keep it at top ? That’s where PPC bidding comes into place. Now you understand what is PPC bidding, let’s move ahead and try to know how PPC bidding works.
How PPC bidding works?
At the point when you go to an auction, you attempt to outbid your rivals for stock you need. You see a nation table from the 1800s, and you get a cost in your mind for what you’re willing to pay. At the time when auctioneer begins to collect bids, you may find that others in the room have an alternate idea of what the table is worth. Finally the highest bidder for the table will take it home. The same will apply for the highest bidder for PPC advertising.
You can focus on different things when you bid: clicks, impressions, conversions, views, or engagements, depending on your campaign type.
At the point when you set out on a PPC advertising campaign, you’ll be posed various inquiries by the stage, for example, Google AdWords. One inquiry will be what sum you’re willing to pay each time somebody taps on your promotion. The precarious part is that you have no chance to get of knowing whether what you’re recommending will be higher or lower than another’s offered for the equivalent focused on catchphrases. 
In any case, throughout the following two days, you do a couple of trials and understand that your promotion isn’t being indicated all the time. This probably implies that another PPC advertiser has outbid you. Their promotion will show up more regularly, in light of the fact that Google realizes it will get more cash each time the advertisement is clicked.