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Keyword optimization is an essential part of any successful SEO strategy. You can earn highest pay by giving attention on this. Now I am going to share some steps to optimize your keyword for SEO
Map Your Keywords to the Buying Journey: Your keywords should be targeting everyone whose interests match the content on your website. Some consumer start surfing without the knowledge of exact product name what they want. In this type of search customer use general terms for their need such as “how to stay fit” or “what should I feed my cat”.
When mapping your keywords to this stage, you should create pages that answer common questions related to your offerings and simply inform the reader as opposed to selling something.
Use a Keyword Optimization Checklist to Build Your Lists: Every section of your website should be taken into account, from subheadings to meta titles. That’s why checklist is essential. Having a structured workflow makes your job much easier. That’s why you should follow a plan when you’re working on your keyword list.
Pay Special Attention to Mobile Keywords: users search for on mobile devices is typically different from computer-based searches. On mobile, in particular, the queries tend to either be shorter due to the less comfortable keyboard or much longer because of voice search. Another important aspect to note is that location is a huge component of mobile searches. According to Google, 94 percent of users search for location-based info like “Near Me”. You should have to pay extra attention on both aspects.
Conduct a Keyword Audit: This is where online SEO auditing tools like Woorank and SEO Site Checkup come into play. Such tools check your on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and even your website’s mobile usability. You can also conduct audits periodically on old content that’s still ranking for a solid number of keywords, but might need an update to perform better. This is a great way to rediscover old hidden keywords and get them to drive better traffic.
Track Your Internal Site Search: It is possible that you have the right keyword but you are not aware of this. This strategy will help you learn about how people are using your site and get keyword ideas that you’d never think of otherwise.

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Nicely Explained!!