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To generate more leads, you need to utilize all of the available platforms that Google Ads provides. The company had a dedicated landing page for each of their main services. They would then drive traffic to those landing pages from highly relevant keywords using Google Ad Words. After using some steps you can easily generate leads. These are:
1. Optimize Quality Score: Your quality score is important for a number of reasons. According to Wordstream, “Google rewards high-quality score advertisers with lower CPC and higher ad positions.” Before you can improve your quality score, you need to know what your current score is. If you want to improve your quality score, stop targeting junk keywords and try to increase your bid with match keyword phrases.
2. Outsmart your Competitors’ Ads: An AdWord campaign is no different. If your competitors’ Google ads are ranking highly, analyzing their secrets helps your ads to perform better. You can use SpyFu to check out your competitor’s best performing keywords, for both organic listings and paid ads. You can bid on the same keywords that they’re targeting or choose a different set of keywords.
3. Creatively Optimize for Mobile Platforms: To generate more leads, you need to utilize all of the available platforms that Google Ads provides.  That includes setting upGoogle Ads for mobile. It’s important to recognize the impact of mobile on PPC advertising so that you can optimize accordingly. When you’re running a Google Ads campaign, you may be tempted to focus on just PCs, but mobile already has the upper hand in total search volume for a keyword match.
4. Turbocharge Your Conversion With Remarketing: Remarketing is a marketing technique that lets you show ads to prospects, customers, and people who have visited your web page before but didn’t take further action. It’s important to follow your Ads campaign with a remarketing match type. According to Think With Google, remarketing gives you a chance to bring back site users who are indecisive on what they really want.