Laurel asked 4 years ago
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Aman answered 4 years ago

Becoming a freelancer digital marketer is a potentially profitable, rewarding and entirely flexible situation and if you feel it’s the journey for you, here I am going to share some tips on how to be a successful freelance digital marketer.
1. Enlarge your skillset: There is currently a digital skills gap, and if you can fill it, you will find your pick of the best freelance roles, assignments, contracts and projects in your field. By learning the fundamentals of digital marketing, choosing an area in which to specialize and constantly upskilling yourself in-line with industry changes, you will remain competitive and attractive to businesses looking to outsource key digital marketing projects to talented freelancers.
2. Prepare your portfolio: To become a freelance digital marketer, CV is not sufficient to land you the quality of clients that will provide you with a successful, sustainable career – you will also need to build up a portfolio of your work that you can showcase to your prospects. At the very start of your career, taking on short internships or offering your skills and services in return for experience is a positive thing as this will allow you to gain confidence, hone your skills and give you plenty to add to your online portfolio.
3. Enhance your online presence: By creating an engaging, mobile-friendly, fully-optimized website, as well as a relevant social media channels, or using your inbound or content marketing skills, you will enhance your online presence, boost awareness and ultimately have clients queing up to use your services. While challenging to break into, with the right skillset, a desire to learn, self-motivation, plenty of persistence and consistency, the rewards of being a freelance digital marketer are potentially endless.