Vijay asked 4 years ago
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Priya answered 4 years ago

Marketing sector is the sector of opportunities. Lots of variables are present in this market. That’s why this never attain stability either this sector will be on high or otherwise low. It is difficult but we can promote our brand without social Media. Now you will ask how? I am going to enlist some ways how you can do this.

  1. With the help of local media: Always remember one thing that if you want to reach at top you have to start from the lower first. For the better promotion of your product advertise it in local media first, do contact with your local newspaper and agency.
  2. Use E-mail marketing: This is best method to promote your business or increase your brand awareness among your loyal customers. Just open your G-mail account. For this go either to promotion tab or social tab. You will see advertisement with yellow Ad icon this is called E-mail marketing.
  3. You can become a sponsor of an event: The most simple method of advertise or promote your product without the help of social media. Just become a sponsor of local event, by this way your brand or firm name will be getting highlighted on tickets, flyers and advertising booths.
  4. Advertisement: Choose the right place to do it. If you are doing business of delivering meals to offices, then the best option is to place a banner near the business center.