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What is Website Traffic?
Basically Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. To get successful online presence of any business, you need to know what the data says about your domain. The data of your website traffic is going to tell you a lot about how your domain is performing. These data will help you to target future promotions, you can adjust website page content, and promote their business online. Simply you can say, if you aren’t examining how your website is performing you will miss a huge opportunity. There are some metrics you should look when analyzing a website’s traffic. 
Important Website Traffic Metrics to Analyze
There are several important metrics that give great insight into a website’s performance and the strategies the business is using.

  • Unique visitors: Number of those people who visited a website at least once in a given period.
  • Average visit duration: The average amount of time each visitor spends on your website.
  • Organic traffic: The number of visitors who visited at a website from a search through a search engine.
  • Average visit duration: Here it means the average amount of time each visitor spends on a website.

Some Website Traffic Checker Tools
With the help of website traffic checkers tools you are able to analyze the traffic of any website around the world. Here are some tools which you can use:

  1. SEMRush: It is a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions for online businesses. SEMRush offers a robust set of tools for everything from backlink analysis and content planning to SEO audits and ranking tracking.
  2. Sitechecker: It is a complete SEO solution with variety of tools designed to help businesses improve their search performance. Sitechecker’s most important features are the Site Monitoring, Rank Tracker, and Backlink Tracker tools which are all part of its paid pricing plans. 
  3. SerpStat: It is a compile of SEO solutions that has grown from a simple keyword research tool to provide users a more absolute set of features to understand their website’s performance. This includes backlink analysis, rank tracking, website auditing and traffic checking for other websites.
  4. SERanking: Like others it is an all-in-one SEO solution that allows users to research keywords, track rankings, and check the website traffic of sites around the world. When you search for a website you’ll get a quick overview of the site’s total organic and paid traffic per month as well as the total number of keywords the site is ranking for.