Why your site should be ADA compliant?

site should be ADA compliant

Suppose, you have a well-maintained, good designed, and well-functional website that provides a great user experience. Your website is accessible to every person, but can a disabled person use it or access to it? Did you get my point? Guys, I’m asking you that can a visually-impaired person understands what your photos and other non-text aspects of your website? If it’s No, then you need to make some changes or make your website ADA Compliant. You aren’t aware of ADA Compliant? To get more traffic to your site then must read this article till end and understand the entire concept of ADA Compliant.

A brief background on ADA Complaint

ADA stands for the American with Disabilities Act which was passed almost 30 years ago in 1990. This act was developed to ensure that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as anyone else. The ADA requires certain businesses to make accommodations for people with disabilities. Some of the points below to understand what the ADA complaint is:

  • ADA compliant wants websites to be accessible to the blind, deaf, and those who must navigate by voice, screen readers, or assistive technologies.
  • Businesses who fail to create an ADA-compliant website could open a business to lawsuits, financial liabilities and damage to your brand reputation.
  • The ADA act is associated with physical locations and accommodations certain businesses must make for people with disabilities. These accommodations include wheelchair accessibility.
  • Businesses fall under ADA Title I or ADA Title III are required to develop a website that offers “reasonable accessibility” to people with disabilities.

So, if you’re not sure whether your website is ADA compliant or not and if you’re wondering it’s worth incorporating into your website then you must know the significance of ADA compliant.

Some of the reasons why your website should be ADA Complaint

– ADA compliant enhances your target audience

If your website is not ADA Compliant then you’re missing out on millions of potential customers who are not accessible to your site due to their disabilities. Many disabled persons might be interested in your products and services once they visit your website, but they won’t be able to contact you because your website is only accessible to people without disabilities.

– ADA Complaint can build your reputation

By making your site more accessible to disabled people will let those customers know how much they are valuable to your business. Maybe they went through many websites that are not ADA Compliant and disappointed each time they couldn’t access to content until they visit your website. Making your website ADA compliant is ensuring some positive press for your business.

– ADA Compliant upgrade your SEO efforts

Following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) helps you increase the accessibility to screen readers, and will likely appeal to users, search engines, and screen readers alike, eventually improving your SEO endeavors. Meta tagging, alternative image text, and video transcript should be seriously considered and included in it.

– Provides overall better website usability

Making the website accessible even to those people who are physically disabled will benefit all your users. It makes your web pages to comprehend by disabled and non-disabled to find what they’re looking for. You must follow WCAG guidelines to convert more leads across the web to make users easily find the content they need.

Let’s sum it up 

In final note, I just want to say that ADA compliant is very important for any website. As a business, if you want to increase more leads generations then you must make your website more users friendly so that it can easily be accessible to people.

The ultimate goal of ADA compliant is to offer an equal user experience to all people (including disabled). It removes all the difficulties that are faced by disabled people while accessing your website.

I hope now you understood why your site should be ADA compliant. For more interesting article get in touch with us. Till then keep reading keep sharing.