Why SEO need lots of content?

SEO need lots of content

SEO can survive without content or not, let’s see!!!

In my previous blog I mentioned about the Meaning of SEO. Now here before moving ahead let me tell you about SEO content. Then after you can understand very well  why SEO need lots of content?

What is SEO content?

SEO and content are two different things but one could not survive without the support of other. SEO refers to search engine optimization and content means information and data produce for web.

By combining these two we can say that SEO content is a form of content that is produce with the sole objective of attracting potential web traffic.

Now since I already explained how content on SEO interdependent on each other so it’s natural that SEO needs lot of content for the optimization of site or webpage. But apart from this there are several other reasons and we are going to highlight that.

  • SEO demands content:

Just try to think as an SEO professional, if I told you that apply your SEO techniques without content. I will not give you any content for SEO technique could this be possible?

Eventually the answer is no in simple words you cannot do SEO for site or webpage until and unless you have content. You cannot rank your site higher in search engines if you don’t have quality content.

  • SEO demands keywords content fulfill this demand:

Keyword is an essential component of SEO and plays a vital role in valuing of any site or webpage. Keywords also are the standard of Google algorithm on which basis Google value or devalue any site or webpage. But the important question is can you produce keywords without content?

The answer is obviously no, so if you don’t have keywords than how SEO will optimize the site or webpage? Again this is proved that SEO and content go with each other.

  • SEO demands backlinks content fulfills it:

Just like keywords, backlinks are also major component of SEO and plays an important role in valuing of pages or website. Backlinks is the factor on which Google identifies new sites or webpages.  But here also the same question arises could backlinks exist without content. The fact is backlinks are generated within the content only. 

So when backlinks could not exist without content then how SEO use backlinks for its task of optimizing webpage or sites. Again this is proved that SEO and content goes together.

  • SEO demands consistent output:

Well here output refers to content for doing the consistent SEO of website or pages you require output. Output comes in form of content whether it is images, video or text. If content is not there than how will you do the SEO of site or webpage?

For example:If any site stop producing content for few days then after few month site ranking will fall down from search engines. Due to the absence of content your loyal visitor stopped visiting your site, your potential web traffic has fallen.

In simple words due to the absence of content everything has fallen so in order to consistently keep visitor engaged with your site or webpage you require consistent output. Consistent output will further require SEO techniques to prosper high rank in Search results everything is connected with each other.


By understanding above mentioned points we can say that content and SEO is like a couple which supports each other and one cannot survive in the absence of other. The importance of one cannot be realized in the absence of other. They are interdependent on each other.