What changes you need to do to increase website conversion?

increase website conversion

As an online marketer or website operator, what’s the most daunting task for you? To increase website conversion rate, right!

For today’s marketer, increasing website conversion rate is the most crucial task. Many companies are trying hard to increase traffic to their website. However, not every marketer is successful in doing so. Why so? Because they are not able to make changes that are required to increase website conversion. 

Therefore, you should understand that having a good conversion rate is the foundation of high sales volume. And conversion occurs when a visitor not only lands on your site but also creates an action.

So, if you want to increase the conversion rate of your website then keep on reading the entire article. I am going to share below some changes that are required to improve the conversion rate of your website.

Now let’s dive into the changes of website conversion rate.

Major changes that you need to do to increase your website conversion.

– Enhance your product description

Your product description is the most important part of your website. And if you do not provide a unique or detailed description of your product then you might lose your potential customers. You can take time and craft a clear description. This will help you increase your website conversion.

– Improve your product images

To increase your website conversion it’s important that you improve or boost your product images. Your photos should be eye-catching, attractive, and highlight every detail of your products. You need to ensure that your website is optimized for high-quality photos.

– Improve your website speed

Your website speed plays a major role in increasing conversation rate. It’s a fact that 53% of mobile users will leave your site if it doesn’t open within 3 seconds. And 85% of users are unlikely to give your site a second chance after one bad experience. You can improve your website speed with a tool like Pingdom, Webpage Test, or gtmetrix.

– Improve your landing pages

Landing pages are the page people land on when they first come to your site. To increase your conversion rate it’s important to ensure that people are landing on the right page to your site. For that, you need to create few pages to your site.

– Optimize your mobile layout

More than 85% of people spend their time working on mobile, which states that your mobile design should be an even bigger priority than how your landing pages look on desktop. Make sure your background pictures are clearly seen and look good. And don’t compromise with the readability of the content.

– Identify the concrete purpose

One simple change that can improve the conversion rate is the focus. And focus can be achieved by identifying the concrete purpose of each page of your website. If you know the purpose of each and every page on a website that you create, you can focus on your efforts on making your website effective and efficient to get more conversion rates.


Now you have a clear idea on how you can increase your website traffic by improving your conversation rate. As a marketer, you should know the value of conversation rate and it should be taken seriously by means of coming up with new ideas and tools to improve the performance of your website. If you truly want to enhance your lead generation then you must focus on increasing your conversation rate, this is only possible if you follow above-mentioned points.

These points are required to improve or change the conversation rate of your website. For more info and updates get in touch with us.