What changes have been noticed in digital marketing in this Covid-19 pandemic?

digital marketing in this Covid-19 pandemic

COVID-19 or Coronavirus has altered the entire physical world, so has a digital world. Digital marketing is already dynamic in nature which keeps on changing. However, with the COVID-19, it is changing at a fast rate and making a huge impact on people’s lives as well as the economy. It means we have important insights into how brands are changing their customer behavior in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’re curious to know the changes in digital marketing during COVID-19 epidemic, then you’re at the right place. In this article, I will enlist some of the notable changes that have been seen so far in 2020.

Let’s jump in.

Some notable changes made in digital marketing during COVID-19 pandemic.

– Increase in social media use by 29%

Social media has already been in use since the beginning. But now during this vicious pandemic, the use of social media has increased. This is the only option left to connect with people after the implementation of lockdown worldwide. And the use is hiked by 29% over the last 2 months. People are downloading social media apps worldwide just to spend their time during lockdown.

– Travel industry advertising has decreased by 38% so far

This is obvious guys since the lockdown introduced, traveling from one city to another or one country to another has been restricted. Therefore, the traveling industry is witnessing a great fall in advertising. Thereby, air travel is down in 2020 for the first time in 11 years. Furthermore, hotels are also suffering. Hardly transports are in use now. That’s why the travel advertising industry is falling greatly and that too by 38% till now.

– Gaming industry has seen a 25% of hike with COVID-19

Gamification is a part of digital marketing too. The gaming industry is seeing significant growth due to COVID-19 pandemic. People are installing game apps to spend their spare time at home. Some of the gaming apps are dominating the world during the pandemic are Ludo King, Ludo Club, and PUBG. There are many more but these three are becoming the most used ones. As per the study, 25% jump is seen in the second week of March in games. And this new peak is higher than any week in the final three months of 2019.

– Changes seen in Digital Ad Spend

You have already read that the traveling advertising industry is facing huge losses. The same as digital ads spend worldwide has also decreased. As per forecast from a marketer, global worldwide ad spend is currently down $20B from the beginning of the year. Therefore, marketers should focus on advertising those products or services only that are relevant during this pandemic. The advertising is about on gaming, online food delivery, social media, etc.

Furthermore, many emarketers think that the best ad spend right now is PPC or pay per click. This can amalgamate with email marketing and regional marketing.

– Increased demand of SEO

Search engine optimization has gained significant importance during COVID-19. As a digital marketer, if you have an SEO strategy then you’re golden because you are combating with this pandemic to survive your business. SEO here works wonder for your business as it helps you reach out to a wider audience. People are searching a lot now and click on the site which appears on the first page of Google. And this is only possible if your SEO is strong because SEO helps you rank your site on Google’s first page.

Parting words

A successful marketer is one who adapts to new changes and works accordingly. There are many businesses that aren’t able to cope up with COVID-19 pandemic and eventually shut their business. But to survive in the market means to notice new changes and to adapt new circumstances quickly. Above mentioned changes are happened due to coronavirus. Some of them are positive and some are negative. However, this pandemic will not last forever, and we hope it will come to an end very soon. Thus, coronavirus is affecting digital marketing to a great extent, do you must work accordingly.

Do what is right for you and your business to combat the epidemic. For more updates get in touch with us till then keep reading and keep sharing.