What are the tools to monitor online reputation?

Tools to monitor online reputation

For any online business, it is must for you to manage your online reputation. It’s not wrong to say that your online reputation can absolutely make or break your business’s success. As we all know what happens on the internet, stays on the internet forever. And a few bad reviews can reduce the lead generation of your business, in fact, 75% of people are more likely to click on a negative search result than a positive one. Because of social media, it is now easy to spread negative content.

So, how can you protect your name, business, and reputation online? It’s through “Online Reputation Management Tools”.

I am going to share some online reputation tools that will aid you to manage your online presence, understand your reputation, then to improve it and optimize digital branding.

Let’s have a look at them!

Some tools to monitor your online reputation.

1. Google Alerts

You can use Google Alerts either for monitoring your brand or for content creation. This is a free & simple tool. It can monitor the web for any name you want it to look for. You can set up a Google Alerts for your name and it will alert you with an email. It makes it easier for you to take action.

2. Social Mention

It usually focuses on social media mentions. It monitors more than 80 social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can enter your brand name, select from blogs, bookmarks, images, videos and then press Search. The result will display the information to help you measure, monitor and alter online reputation. You can also set up email alerts through this tool, for keeping an eye on your brand online reputation. 

3. Sentione

If you want to know what your customers are saying about your brand online then SentiOne is for you. With this tool, you will get to know about historical data too like what people have said in the past about your brand before you began using SentiOne. You can also pursue the mention of your brand, social profile, and other keywords.

4. Reputology

It is one of the best tools for monitoring and managing your online reputation. It allows you to find reviews of your business and then revert back to a negative comment in an appropriate way. It provides you notification of new reviews, sends you a detailed summary of consumer’s feedback. As it is a location-based tool, it tracks reviews written about your locations, products, and services.

5. Review Push

You can use this online reputation tool to gather all your online reviews in one place. It helps businesses offering multiple sites and locations to monitor social media. And this makes it convenient for firms with branches in different areas. So, whenever your business receives a review, Review Push notifies you via email.

6. Trackur

This tool calls itself the “broadest social media monitoring” tool. It provides several features to aid you in your online brand reputation. It offers you full monitoring of all social media and mainstream news sites, such as keyword discovery, trending topics, and influence scoring.


For any digital marketer or business, online reputation is very important. And in the digital age, all brands need to deal with online reputation management. Reviews and opinion shared online are more powerful than any other marketing efforts.

So, if you want to keep your online reputation good, you must follow above mentioned online reputation management tools. They will aid you in operating your online business reputation. For more information get in touch with us.