What are the strategies to promote content for 2020?

strategies to promote content

You all have heard the famous adage “content is king.” This adage is actually meant for content marketing which is a significant part of digital marketing. People working in digital marketing know that content marketing has been proven to deliver great results for marketers. According to research, content marketing generates three times more leads at a 62% lower cost than traditional marketing. But producing contents are enough to generate sales leads? What you say? Well, I think producing content is not enough unless and until you promote it on site. To make contents more worthwhile, it’s very important to promote it on site.

As per some experts, it’s best to spend 50% of your time in writing content and the other 50% in promoting it. Now if you’re thinking what possible ways you can find to promote contents then you’re at the right place. In this article, you’ll be learning about the strategies to promote content for 2020.

Some Significant Strategies to Promote Content for 2020  

– Set your content marketing impactful goals

Marketing without goal means no marketing at all. Without marketing goals, you won’t be able to measure your success and ROI. Let me tell you that businesses use content marketing to achieve particular goals such as sales, lead acquisition, customer acquisition, lead nurturing, and brand awareness. That’s why you must set out content marketing goals that will depend on the stage of the sales funnel you’re creating content for. Thereby your goal will ultimately determine the type of content you produce.

– Examine the type of content you want to publish

What many people do is just publish random content in hope of getting lead generation. Though this is not the right strategy to follow. The type of content you publish will depend on your particular audience. Make sure to use the few different content formats that perform well with your audience such as videos, webinar, podcasts, info graphics, and presentations.  

– Optimizing content for live search

Since the Alexa and Siri have come to our lives, the search process on Google has become easy. These are the voice assistant which people use more than typing on Google and search. When your content is optimized for voice search, you will see the growth in your business. Make sure to optimize your content for voice search. You also need to focus on the type of questions and long tail keywords your audience will ask that you can include in your content for voice search.

– Have a plan for content promotion

Without having a clear plan for promoting content will not work for you. There are many platforms you will find to promote your contents and you should choose the best one to reach out to your audience. Some platforms include: social media, search engines, forums, emails, guest posts, advertising, etc. To ensure the promotion of your content, you need to include the frequency of promotion on each platform.

– Add social sharing button

Publishing content on website doesn’t make a much difference because your content is confined to website only unless and until you add social sharing button in it. Having a social sharing button to the site means you great opportunity to promote your content to the large audience across the internet. You can add Facebook, Email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, and many other social media sharing buttons to promote your contents.

– Use engaging videos and images in your content

It’s a fact that we all like attractive and relevant images and videos which we find engaging and informative. Having relevant images and videos to the site content means you’re promoting your contents to the great extent. You can make short videos and post them with your content to make world know about your content, business, products and services.


Above mentioned are few great strategies to promote your contents in 2020. Use the above strategies to take your content marketing efforts to the next level in the digital marketing field. Digital marketing is a dynamic field and using contents to promote your business brand and services is only possible if you effectively promote your contents in the digital world by following above tactics. 

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