What are Google’s latest ad extensions?

Nowadays, online advertising is very competitive and businesses are doing anything to get an edge on the competition. This specifically goes with PPC advertising because each search results page only allows a limited number of PPC ads to be shown. To make your advertising more effective, Google offers advertisers a variety of ad extensions to help boost ad rank and click-through rates.

Extensions effectively provide you more space on the search results page if your ad qualifies. Furthermore, Google AdWords Extension is a great way for your ads to stand out from your competitors in a crowded online marketplace.

Google Ad states, “Extensions create more reasons to click your ad”.

Google's latest ad extensions

Let’s know about Ad Extensions below

An ad extension is one of the best features of Google Ads. Ad extensions are basically additional pieces of information that help you expand your advertisement to make it more useful to users. Ad extension generally consists of telephone numbers, seller reviews, additional links from your website, etc. You must always choose ad extensions that can help your advertising campaign to better meet your business goals.

Ad extension helps you gain a competitive edge, enhance performance, and increase CTR (click-through rate).

Additionally, Google offers both manual and automated extensions. Let’s have a look at Google’s latest ad extension.

Google’s latest Ad Extensions list is given below

– Call Extensions

Call extensions come in two forms: your phone number on desktop and a call button on mobile. Google’s call extension encourages prospective customers to call your business directly. This provides a great opportunity for meaningful engagement with prospects. To connect with your business, a click on a call button is required which is the same as click on any other search ad. Make sure you turn your call button on to drive more sales.

– Location Extension

Location extension is about getting foot traffic to your business. Whether it’s a clothing store, an auto garage, or a coffee shop- by showing your address, the distance from the Google user to your address or mapped directly to your address. So brands and manufacturers that sell a large number of products in the large retail chain should hold affiliate location extensions for their business. 

– Sitelink Extension

These extensions are clickable and it’s best to link them to specific pages related to the text. These links take your prospective customers directly to a specific page on your website. This extension allows you to create a site link specifically for mobile users. You can include site links to your business’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages.

– Callout Extension

Callout extension is one of the best widely used extensions in the market. This extension is an additional descriptive text that allows you to “callout” features or services. It enables you to include some specific attributes about your business, products, and services that will show in your Google Search Network. These extensions increase the flexibility of your business.

– Message Extension

This extension allows people to click on your ad and contact you by text messages. It provides you a facility to create a message in advance then you add this message at the account, campaigns, ad group, or ad level. Message extension can run on any search campaign, ad group, and ad.


Google Ad Extensions are an advanced feature, and you can also say that Ad Extensions are a Google advertiser’s best friend. The above ad extensions are very helpful in increasing the performance and enhance the click-through on your ads when used properly.

You must use these ad extensions in your marketing strategy if you haven’t used them before. They also help you extend the character limit and allow you to focus on your ad text in a more appealing way.

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