Ways to protect your keyword cannibalization

protect your keyword cannibalization

Running a website for a very long period of time can lead to multiple issues. You might have multiple posts/pages targeting the same topic or keyword. This is also a kind of problem which many website operators face while operating their website which is referred to as “keyword cannibalization”. This usually happens when you’re targeting, and ranking the same keyword with both pages. Isn’t it a bad thing? Folks, you must avoid such problems occurring on your site. So, let’s go in-depth about keyword cannibalization.

What exactly the keyword cannibalization is?

Keyword cannibalization can be a serious problem for those who are running their online business on sites. Why am I saying this, because it can potentially damage your rankings for multiple reasons? Another name of keyword cannibalization is “duplication” as you have multiple pages that are targeting the same keyword, topic or phrase.

In other words, keyword cannibalization happens when a single website unintentionally targets the same keyword across multiple posts or pages.

Let’s know why keyword cannibalization happens?

Today, every website operator wishes to get the first rank on a search engine, for this reason, many of them integrate plenty of keywords in their contents which eventually lead to rampant abuse of search engine and this “keyword stuffing” became widespread.

Keyword stuffing is the worst thing as it will hurt your search ranking. This situation leads to keyword cannibalization.

Keyword cannibalization happens when you have too many identical or similar keywords spread throughout the content on your website. As a result, Google can’t find out which content to rank higher. Sometimes it can rank those pages higher which you don’t mean to prioritize. And eventually, it might lower the rank of all the pages that share the same keywords.

Prevent your keyword cannibalization with effective tips

– Club or Merge Content

If you see two web pages are doing the same things, for example, one page is recommending food and another showing the list of foods. In this way, you might want to take all this content into a single page. Therefore, clubbing content will simplify as well as enhance your website’s search engine optimization.

– Delete Content

Any content page is no longer worth using or relevant to your website, you might delete that page. If any keyword on your content is still ranking higher than your desired web content then simply delete the content. If the content is no longer in existence then there is no problem.

– Erase Keywords

Having relevant and authentic keywords always are good for any website. If you want to maintain specific content then you must remove the words which aren’t vital for your site.

– Reconstruct Your Internet Linking 

Having a web page linking to other content on your website are the element that you can think of improving. For search engines like Google, links establish importantly. Make sure you include a link to another web page as a search engine might rank the linked content higher. You can also add and change the internet linking to your website.

– Alter Inbound Link Requests

This might be difficult form of cannibalization to address. SEO also considers how many people have linked back to your content. After doing research, you’ll see why less important content still ranks higher. More relevant contents are those websites are creating those links. It will help you strengthen your SEO ranking.

The bottom line

Folks, I just want to tell you that one of the most important factors in getting a good ranking on Google. Google is the one that examines your website and places it on a higher or lower rank accordingly. As I told you website operator does keyword stuffing to get good rank however, it doesn’t happen like this as Google penalizes such websites.

Make sure you don’t give any reason to occur keyword cannibalization if in any case, it happens you can follow the above guidelines to prevent such a situation. For more interesting articles get in touch with us till then keep reading.