Ways to attract people to your website with Geolocation!

website with GeoLocation

Physical location or geography plays an important role in targeting audience or potential customers towards marketing campaigns. Nowadays, marketers try many ways to attract customers to the exact place they live in. For this, they use Geolocation as a powerful marketing tool which is being popular day-by-day. With the growing technology, the rise of mobile devices and HTML5 geo-based technology is also being used in many ways to enhance business, getting people connected, and helping them find new places of interest.

Below I’m going to share with you the concept of Geolocation and some ways to attract people to your website with geolocation. So, let’s get started now.

What Geolocation is?

Geolocation is the process of determining the exact location of a person from a network device like a smartphone or tablet. The services of geolocation are enough to tell you the exact location of the user. Even it can determine your latitude, longitude, and altitude to know your exact location. This can easily be determined by the computer’s IP address or GPS coordinates by mobile phones.

How does geolocation actually work? The geolocation works by using HTML5 which makes it easier to find where a person is located and allowing them to share their information with people they trust. Geolocation is very important for businesses because they can target customers by their exact location.

Some effective ways to target people to your website with Geolocation.

1. Eliminate unnecessary locations

Always exclude the locations where your target audience is not present. If you eliminate location, it will a more cost-effective way to avoid higher ad rates of the high demand target area. For instance, clubs and bars that usually target university students may eliminate the same area during breaks or summer when most students are away.

2. Use location-specific keywords

Geolocation is not always about targeting someone who is physically located at the place rather it is more about conveying consumer queries all the time by search queries. Consumers often search by adding their city name or district. You can use location-specific keywords such as “Austin Gym” and “coffee shop near Dupont Circle”. You can also add location terms such as PIN code, neighborhood, community name, etc.

3. Examine consumer behavior from past locations visited

Having a location history of your customers may give you a lot of information about them. For example, where they like to shop, what they like to buy, sometimes they also make the trip, how do they get there, etc. once you obtain this information about your audience or customers, you’ll be able to deliver more relevant, responsive, location-specific ads and information.

4. Utilize location-specific landing pages

Not only targeting consumer is important, but also providing the right, relevant, and authentic information is quite important. Suppose, you find the right customers who click on your ads, but the landing page isn’t customized, it simply means you lost this conversion. You have to offer different website landing pages for each targeted ad that match the reason that the user was targeted.

5. Take advantage of geographic-specific events

On many different geographic locations, you can witness specific events based on weather or traditional local holiday celebrations, etc. can be used to target audience or potential customers. For example, snowstorm event in Dallas. Targeting customers on these events will hike demand for particular items and are a great opportunity to enhance sales.

Final words!

After reading the article, you can see that Geolocation plays an important role in targeting your audience and potential customers. As a marketer, you can use geo-targeting in your marketing strategy and convert your audience into potential leads or customers. The location of your customers are very important for you to target them and also through this you can provide relevant information about your company’s products and services.

So, marketers,  you should definitely take advantage of Geolocation in your business. For more updates get in touch with us till then keep reading.