War of http VS https

http VS https

Get the insight of Http and Https

Before moving ahead let me explain you what is http and https. After that you can understand well.

What is http?

It stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is underlying used by the www (World Wide Web) it defines the task of how messages are formatted and transmitted and also states what response should web servers and internet browsers give to various commands.

What is https?

Https refers to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure it is an extended aspect of http used for secure the all communication and information regarding customers. The communication and information is by encryption technique via secure socket layer (SSL).  

Advantages of http:

  • It can be implemented with other protocol on internet.
  • The http pages get stored on computer in form of internet cache files which are easily accessible.
  • It does not require any runtime support
  • It is compatible across the platform and also allows cross platform porting.

Disadvantages of http:

  • It compromise privacy and anyone can see content.
  • The data integrity is also the major issue of http protocol one can easily tamper/alter the content. It is an insecure method due to the lack of quality encryption feature.
  • In http it is not clear who you are talking about. Anyone who intercepts the request can obtain username and password.
Advantages of https:
  • Https allow user to perform secure online transaction.
  • The SSL (Secure socket layer) technology secures the user data and information also further strengthens their trust.
  • The independent authority verifies the identity of certificate owner. Each SSL certificate embedded with unique, authenticated information about the certificate owner. 

Disadvantages of https:

  • It cannot secure the classified information from the pages cached on browser.
  • The SSL data can only be encrypted during transmission on the network which means it can’t delete the text stored in browser memory.
  • The https can increase network and computational overhead of the organization.

Now get insights the process of converting http into https by following these 4 steps:

  1.  Purchase an SSL certificate

The first step is to buy an SSL certificate and you can buy it from your hosting company because when you purchase SSL certificate from your hosting service provider. You don’t need to take tension regarding the activation and installation. Your hosting company will do the job for you.

2. Install SSL certificate on your web hosting account

This second step becomes important in case if you buy SSL certificate from third party vendors. In this scenario you need to import the certificate in the hosting environment and this process is quite complex. It is advisable if you purchase the certificate from hosting company then avoid third party vendors.

3. Always Double check Internal linking is switched to Https:

Before initiating the conversion process of http to https double check that every website link (internal) should contain proper https URL. In conversion process if http and https link got mixed with each other than it will confuse or frustrate the users. It also affects some pages to load improperly.

4. Properly Setup 301 redirect so search engine can be notified.

With the help of CMS (content management system) plugin if you use wordpress than you can add this plugin quite easily. By adding this plugin you can redirect all server traffic to your newly built secure https protocol. The sites that don’t use this plugin need to be updated manually. 

The 301 redirect will notified the search engines regarding the change that has occurred. So that search engines index your site under the new protocol.  Previous visitors/users that have bookmarked your site under the old protocol will now automatically it will be redirected to proper secure URL.

After reading all the content I hope you understand about http and https. Both are same but https give you extra layer of security. If I talk about the effect of http and https on site ranking then here you can get less traffic on https. Due to security enhancement it happens, only high quality contents are allows on this.