Top 7 ways to deal with false Ripoff Report from website

False Ripoff Report

Hello guys! Today’s article is about how to deal with Ripoff Report. I assume you know about Ripoff Report because in my previous article I have talked about it. In case, you don’t know then read out the previous article first. It will give you a clear picture of everything about the Ripoff Report. But before I talk about the ways to deal with the false Ripoff Report, let me just give you some gist of this article.

A little gist about Ripoff Report

made especially for writing bad reviews. Yes, I am talking about the Ripoff Report. It is a consumer complaint website established in 1998 with a purpose to provide consumers to openly come up and rip off any business. However, the purpose of the site is genuine but people take advantage of it to destroy the business of others

The online marketing world is full of good and bad reviews/feedback. No doubt, bad reviews can rightly destroy the reputation of any company. And If I say there is a particular site made especially for writing bad reviews. Yes, I am talking about the Ripoff Report. It is a consumer complaint website established in 1998 with a purpose to provide consumers to openly come up and rip off any business. However, the purpose of the site is genuine but people take advantage of it to destroy the business of others and this becomes a problem here which businesses need to tackle.

This is the reason why I have come up with this article. If your business is also affected by Ripoff Report reviews then here I provide you 7 ways to deal with it. So let’s move and start.

Following are the top 7 ways to deal with false Ripoff Report reviews  

1. Try to Respond Calmly

Responding calmly is the first way to deal with false comments published on the Ripoff Report website. The human tendency is that when we hear anything bad about ourselves, we get angry or lose our temper immediately. And we end up doing such things that we shouldn’t have. So this is advice – if you see many negative reviews about your business then respond calmly without ripping the person (who knows that person might be right).

Moreover, if you want to respond then you have to create an account on the Ripoff website. When creating an account, you must agree to Ripoff Report’s terms (it includes many legal waivers). One thing also remembers that you don’t write ill words while responding because it will make a negative impression of your business only. Try to be humble and more genuine while responding to your critic, otherwise you will be responsible for your own wordings.

2. Don’t take any action

This option may sound freaky to many of you. But believe me, sometimes doing nothing is the best option. But when you see any unruly opponent (who may or may not cross the line if provoked). It doesn’t take a second for someone to rip off your business reputation if you try to respond to them with harsh words or ask them why they wrote such things about you. Therefore, don’t react. Try to build up online content that will help you push negative material far down the search engine results line.

Additionally, we all know that this is an era of internet where anything goes viral and troll often write false comments to get attention. And these false comments take place especially at the time of occasion. If you can’t handle things properly or respond calmly then it’s better you don’t respond at all or do anything. This is the only way you can handle the false comments on the Ripoff Report website.

3. Approach Ripoff Report Defamation Lawsuit

If you don’t like the above two methods of dealing with false reviews on the Ripoff Report then try to use this. If you find any worst review on the Ripoff Report website then you can take a move of filing a defamation lawsuit against the poster. In many circumstances, if the accusations are beyond the inferior and probably false, then it might take a long litigation process.

Therefore, you must speak to the Ripoff Report removal attorney to determine if your case is strong enough to launch an online defamation lawsuit. Let me also tell you that approaching legal proceedings against Ripoff Report might be expensive for you if you are a small-sized business, no doubt it may create a hole in your pocket. I only can say that if you can afford to spend huge amounts in legal proceedings, then this way of handling fake reviews on the Ripoff Report is an amazing way.

4. Get the page de-list/de-indexed from search engine

The next way you can use to handle Ripoff Report false comments is to get your page de-list from Google. You know that the Ripoff Report website comes into force only for writing complaints about businesses. But now people take advantage of it and write bad comments about their competitors. If you truly think that your Ripoff Report is damaging in nature, then you can request Google to delist the complaint from its search index.

According to some industry experts, Ripoff Reports sometimes delisted reviews to a new URL. It only causes reviews to display results in search pages again. Another way in this category is to de-index the Ripoff Report page from a search engine but it requires a court order. You need to convince the court that the material in question is truly defamatory. No doubt, this way of handling the Ripoff Report will consume your time a lot.

5. Hire online reputation management agency

I would say this is a very great method to handle the Ripoff Report. But it is only great for big business or medium-size businesses who can afford to hire an online reputation management agency. But keep in mind one thing that reputation Management Company can’t remove or delete negative comments posted on Ripoff Report. Are you wondering how they will solve your problem? The management company uses offsite blogger outreach and link building tactics to promote positive, high-authority, content about your business. All this method of online reputation Management Company will bury the Ripoff Report complaint on-page. But before you hire Ripoff Report, make sure you search everything about the agency in advance. For example its reputation, work management, previous customer reviews, and pricing. The more knowledge you have about the company, the better management company you will be able to hire.

6. Be a member of Corporate Advocacy Program (CAP)

What CAP is? It is an initiative that is designed to convert customers into shopkeepers for your brand. And under this program, you can request to investigate the matter. I would say this is not that effective way to handle comments on Ripoff Report. You know why? Because even if the CAP does investigate and reveals that the comments on the Ripoff Report site are false or unwarranted, the removal of the complaint might not be possible. But the company’s investigation results will be at the top of the complaint.

Additionally, Ripoff Report has also introduced the VIP Arbitration Program. There you can request Ripoff Arbitrators to provide them with some evidence to prove that the report was false. If this is proved right, the company may censor the report even though the report will be visible on the website. Let me tell you that these two programs are paid. Moreover, negative reviews will never leave the original URL page.

7. You may also use Rebuttal option

Rebuttal is an option which Ripoff Report provides to you to manage your reviews mentioned about your brand or business. But this option is limited and not worth the effort. This is the reason I kept it last in the list. The option is only provided to you if you have registered account on Ripoff Report website. In case, your account is not verified then you will not be able to respond to negative comments. However, some people say that by rebutting, you only make things worse because you make the negative report more eye-catchy for search engines. If something like this happens then the situation will become worse for you to handle. It is better for you to avoid it and try other options mentioned above.

Final words

Guys, these were the top 7 ways you could think of using to handle Ripoff Report false reviews about your business and brand. Reputation is an important asset of any company and properly managing it, is essential for you. In digital marketing, you must know what people are talking about you and your business. If you see any bad reviews for you, try to handle the matter using any of the ways mentioned above.

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