Tips to get Google AdSense approval with a new blog


Your account is now fully approved.        

Welcome to AdSense! We look forward to a long and successful partnership together.”

When do you get to see the above mail? Only when you get Google AdSense approval, right. Getting Google AdSense approval is itself a pretty tricky task for anyone. And many new bloggers want to monetize their blog with AdSense however fail due to strict Google Policies. No doubt, AdSense is the highest paid network that’s the reason why blogger run after it.

Google AdSense Approval

Are you concerned about the same? Well, today’s blog is going to be vital and beneficial for those who want to monetize their fresh new blog. By the end of this article, I’m sure you’ll be able to get google adsence approval by following the tips I’m going to enlist below.

Let’s cut to the chase.

Google AdSense Approval Tips for Your Fresh New Blog

Since we’re talking about getting Google AdSense approval, I believe you might have got few things which are necessary in getting adsence approval, which includes:

  • – Domain
  • – Website Hosting
  • – Specific Email Address

That’s it. Below I’m going to confabulate with tips you need to work on. Just have a look at them.

✏ Content must be of high-quality

I have talked a lot about content and role it plays in online market. Through content only you get high traffic, site visibility, ranking, and leads generation but the condition is, content must be of high-quality and unique. A well-written, SEO-optimized content, user & search engine friendly content add glory and enhance your website performance. Try to produce at least more than 500-600 words for a particular content.

Note: Google will never approve your application if you write plagiarized content and don’t abide by their policies.  

✏ Write at least 15-20 posts

Second tip comes in the list is producing 15-20 content. Why I’m asking you to produce 20 content? Because you must have at least 20 posts before you even apply for Google AdSense. Let Google know that you’re taking it seriously and your site has some articles which can be monetized easily. Make sure to have about 10,000-15,000 words on your website which can be achieved by producing an article of 1000 words. Letting Google understand the quality of your content is must.

✏ Create important pages

The important pages of your website include: Contact Page, About Us and Privacy Policy.

  • About Us – The most significant page of your website or blog is ‘About Us’ page. In this page you basically write about what your website is all about, what services you offer, and why people must avail services from you. Additionally, write about yourself as well, your background, profession, habit, and so on.
  • – Privacy Policy – This page is mandatory for your website as you’ll be getting your users’ personal information. And it’s quite necessary for getting AdSense approval.
  • – Contact Us – Next important page for your website is contact us page. This is must added page where your site visitors can easily contact you. Without having this page, you might lose sales leads.

These are the important pages which help you get Google AdSense approval. To create these pages, you may hire digital marketing company in Bangalore and easily avail their services.

✏ Avoid using images with copyright

Do you use images from Google or other site using copyright tag? If so, forget about getting AdSense approval. Google AdSense will never approve your site for having copyright images. There are many platforms offering images without copyright infringement such as, UnSplash, Pixabay, Pexels, Shutterstock and so on. Use these sites to get free images which you can use them anywhere commercially as well.

Final wordings

Guys, Google AdSense is pretty beast when it comes to get adsense approval. In this article, I have talked about all the crucial tips which will help you get Google AdSense approval. There are many more tips which requires but above mentioned are crucial ones. If you follow these tips and implement what I have discussed will surely monetize your new blog.

Wish you all the best for your new blog.

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