7 things to consider before using marketing automation

marketing automation

Marketing automation is a buzzword in the digital marketing industry. And it is becoming one of the latest marketing trends of the last few years. Businesses of all sizes can use a marketing automation tool to stay competitive and growing the market. Why I am saying so because marketing automation is a great way to […]

10 reasons your lead generation strategy is failing

lead generation strategy

Lead generation is one of the most top priorities for any B2B businesses that want to grow. And to generate leads, companies invest heavily in order to get information about people that could eventually turn into potential customers. In digital marketing, lead generation takes place via filling up an online form, or recommendation from family […]

5 amazing ways to boost customer retention in this pandemic.

customer retention

Will you be able to run your business without having customers? Of course no. Customers are an important element for your business, without them you can’t run your business successfully. And if we look at the current situation of the world, the COVID-19 disrupted the way we do business. Many small businesses are not able […]