How to use influencer marketing strategy during Covid-19?

influencer marketing

The current global pandemic COVID-19 is prevailing everywhere around the world. In my previous articles, I have discussed how COVD-19 is causing destruction to businesses. The economy has already dropped down. Many small businesses are shut off. Marketers are facing a huge loss. This is literally becoming a major problem for all digital marketers right […]

Instagram Ad statistics which matter to marketers in 2020

Instagram Ad statistics

You know 1 billion people use Instagram every day with 500 million stories worldwide. What do this data tell? Can you think? It is simple guys that Instagram is becoming the second most used social media platform after Facebook. We all know the power of social media in digital marketing. Marketers do use social media […]

Online Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

Online Marketing

Today, almost every person is using the internet for everything- learning, communication, entertainment, shopping, etc. and without internet, I don’t think we can do any of our work. More and more people are coming online today. And this is the opportunity that businesses seek to promote their goods and services online to get more lead […]

5 mistakes that marketers usually make in influencer marketing

influencer marketing

Have you ever bought a product just because your favorite actor, cricketer, singer, or any famous personality is endorsing that product or becoming a face of it? If you’ve done so then this is exactly what influencer marketing is. Influencers are basically people who have a large fan following online as well as offline. These […]

What are the risks of Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing

Many times I have talked about Influencer Marketing in my previous blog posts. Have you ever thought why there is so much emphasis on influencers? Yes, you’re right. Influencers have done wonders for many brands and companies. Basically, they promote a brand and carry the name high that’s why influencer marketing has become one of […]

How to achieve a target with Event Marketing?

achieve a target with Event Marketing

Any marketing business can only run if you promote its goods and services at a large level. No matter whether your business is small or big, the only way to fetch customers is to introduce your products or services to them via events.  Coordinating small networking events or large corporate events like conferences, creating event […]

Some hacks for inbound marketing, you should know.

Some hacks for inbound marketing

Gone are the days when marketers used to rely on traditional outbound marketing techniques such as trade shows, cold calling and paid advertisements to get sales leads. This marketing was not cost-effective because it was typically more traditional which didn’t bring much profit to marketers. Now, it’s time to be more advanced with the coming […]

Do you know about influencer marketing?

Curvearro: Digital Marketing Company in Other

Get insights of influencer marketing. What is influencer marketing? It refers to the process of researching, scouting, engaging and supporting people who create long lasting impact about your products, brands or services. Influencer marketing is growing trend on these days but not so easy to implement, it takes time. In simple words influencer’s marketers involves […]