Some common LOGO design mistakes which you need to avoid in 2020.

LOGO design mistakes

How do people actually get attracted to your website? Through logo and design, right! As a webmaster or digital marketer, your task is to attract people through the eye-catching logo and designs. This is the reason people create logos to add to their website. But I would say this is a tedious job for most people because they don’t know how to create a logo for their website and end up producing the one with lots of mistakes. No matter whether you are a graphic designer or novice in designing, you might not know when you end up creating a logo with full of mistakes.

Do you know what mistakes are there in logo design and you should avoid in 2020? Let’s discuss the logo design mistakes below.

Common logo design mistakes you should avoid making in 2020

1. The color clash

This is the mistake I would like to talk about first in the series of mistakes. Most people design a logo but don’t give a good color to it. What they actually do is choose a color combination that makes it difficult for people to know about your company and its logo. Therefore, a wrong color choice can kill an outstanding design with a great pace. You can always ask your designer and take some advice from users for a color to be added in the logo. Avoid making this mistake otherwise, there will be no use of creating a logo that doesn’t show your company well.

2. Poor choice of fonts

Another mistake people make is font choice. They choose fonts that don’t explain what the company is all about. A poor font will always restrain your customers not to visit your company’s website. It gives a negative impression. Therefore, choosing the right font is the most important decision a designer can make. Moreover, finding the perfect font for your design is all about matching the font to the style of the icon. However, this can be tricky. If the icon is too close, the icon and font will compete with each other for attention. Here the key is finding the right balance between the two.

3. Copying other

This is the mistake a lot of marketers make; they copy other company’s designs and give it their own name. Today, copying others have become a trend and a common one in the market. I have already told you that the aim of the logo is to represent your company. Therefore, if it looks the same as someone else’s logo then you will face huge loss and will be marketed as a tricky business. Make sure you bring authenticity to your business by adding your own original taste to it.

4. Not doing enough research

This mistake is also common in the market industry. Logo design is a key to communicate with your customers. If you’re thinking of producing a logo for your company then you should do enough research and have a deep understanding of exactly what it is trying to communicate. Therefore, the more knowledge you have the better logo you can create for your company. You can also conduct a brand audit survey that clears the goals and objectives of your business. Once you have this info you will be able to create a logo of your own choice.

5. Typographic chaos

In logo design, typography is the art or process of setting and arranging types. The example of typography is Google and Coca-Cola. Therefore typography in logo design can make or break it. Your logo should be simple and concise so that users can easily get to know what the logo is representing your company. Make sure not to use too many fonts or weights, crazy or ultra-thin fonts. Pay close attention to spacing, kerning and right font for your logo.

Closing words

A logo is key to represent your company. A good looking logo is easy to catch the user’s attention. But the fact is people make mistakes while making a logo. They usually tend to make mistakes which I have mentioned in this article. If you are one of them who also makes such mistakes then make sure to do that otherwise your efforts will be worthless. 

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