Top 5 social listening tools for your business in 2021

Social is the term that we all are aware of. Not only is this a communication channel, but also a marketing tool now for online marketers. But are you aware of social listening or social listening tool? Not every marketer would be aware if this. But if you use social media then you must know about social listening tools as well. And what are the top tools that help you keep an eye on social media activities? Before I talk about tools, let’s get a gist of this article below.

social listening tools

Here first understand about…

Social listening concept

In layman’s terms, social listening is the process of monitoring social media channels for mentions of your brand, product, competitors, and much more. Social listening is a great way to give brands an opportunity track, analyze, and respond to conversions about them on social media platforms. No doubt, it’s an excellent way to research about audience.

Let’s move further and talk about the top 5 social listening tools for your business in 2021.

Top 5 social listening tools you must use in your business

1. Hootsuite Insight

Hootsuite is very famous social media management tool and Hootsuite Insight is a dedicated sub-section for social media listening. So, Hootsuite Insight lets users view and respond to all their brand posts, comments, and mentions across social media channel is a singular dashboard. The functionality of Hootsuit Insight allows you to easily social sentiments around your brand. Moreover, you can also filter results by gender, language, location, and many more. This way you get to know more about your industry.

With Hootsuite Insight, you can easily access to your own brand’s social channels. It makes sure to be on the top of the competition.

2. Brandwatch

Another social listening tool comes in the list is Brandwatch. The tool is hyper-focused on consumer intelligence and spotting solutions. In fact, the tool focuses on the billions of conversions happening daily, in the fastest possible manner. Through Brandwatch, you can search, segment, and analyze social conversions and sentiments. If you’re looking to work with consumer intelligence and solutions, then Brandwatch is best tool available to you.

3. Brand24

Next social listening tool you have is Brand24. How helpful this tool is from others? Brand24 lets you know what people say about your brand. In fact, the tool targets businesses of all sizes by showing you mention feeds, where you can easily discover what people say about your brand and take action in real time. Moreover, the tool provides you free mention analytics by giving you better understanding of who is talking about your brand online.

4. Awario

Awario is another popular social listening tool you have in the list. The tool easily crawls 13 billion web pages daily. With Awario, you can find all mentions of your business and company’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, Forum, news sites, and much more. The pro plan of Awario is best for individuals, start-ups, small business, and medium-size businesses monitoring their brand, industry, and competitors. Moreover, you can also set 15 mention alerts and three leads alert which will find you 150,000 new mentions per month. Well, this is only with pro plan. There are many plans available you can go with.

5. 76Insights

Last but not the least tool comes in the list is 76Insights. Many a times we post something on social media platforms but don’t exactly get to know how many people see it, like it, and may more. With 76Insights, it’s easier to know as the tool gives you insights into articles, posts, and social objects. Moreover, you can see your content performance with visuals and group social accounts into handy watch lists. This is an amazing tool if you use for gaining insights on social media platforms.

The bottom line – social media listening tools

Social media listening tools are great and data driven. Whether you’re running a small business or big, the above mentioned tools are perfect for you to know how your brand is performing on social media channels. Indeed, this is a good way to win the competition in digital marketing sector. After knowing about social listening tools from this article, you can select the tool of your choice and interest. You will surly gain good insights about your brand on social media.

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