Pros and Cons of “Kajabi” Content Management Tool

Content Management Tool

How many of you focus on creating a professional-looking website and not on producing powerful content? I guess almost everyone, right! This is the wrongest approach online marketers follow. Any website will run only when you post engaging and relevant content on it. The valuable content adds glory to your site. Not only you get traffic, but also drive ROI from the content. Today, digital marketing has become a great platform to share knowledge, online courses, ebooks, and many more. And here comes the ‘Kajabi’ tool. I’m you may hear this tool if you’re a content creator.

So what makes marketers choose this tool? How effective this tool is? In this guide, we will review the pros and cons of the Kajabi content management tool. Let’s make a start with what.

What exactly Kajabi tool is?

In very simple words, Kajabi is a content management tool. Any online marketer can use this content marketing system to a centralized platform from which to sell, market and deliver product content. With Kajabi, users can create digital products like online courses, membership sites and training portals efficiently and effectively. Moreover, users can also build engaging, aesthetic product content, produce customizable themes, stream videos/images/audio and add file downloads. In one login, you can bring all of the products into one website. An integrated blog will help you acquire subscribers. Kajabi also facilitates sales, marketing and customer engagement.

No doubt, Kajabi is the best content management tool but it does have cons of using it. So below I will highlight some pros and cons of the Kajabi tool.

The pros of Kajabi content management tool

  • A user-friendly tool
  • Provides you more valuable customizable themes
  • A well-integrated tool with lots of great features
  • Good for customer care service 24/7
  • Allows online marketers to easily market their products
  • Out of box functionality
  • Provides you seamless integration with stripe
  • Allows you for one time or recurring subscriptions
  • You get monthly updates to improve and expand the functionality
  • Pipelines (Lead generation pipelines) are there to help to go from landing pages to opt-in engagement and or sale.
  • Provides terrific email marketing tools
  • You get in-depth reports
  • Affiliate programs
  • Collaboration with third-party services like Paypal, MailChimp, etc.
  • The cost-effective tool also saves you lots of time.

Now let’s have a look over cons of Kajabi

  • Limits your rich text emails
  • There are no attributes to create certificates
  • Assessment customization is limited
  • You need coding skills and editing site post photos to use this tool
  • Kabaji is a little bit costly for those who don’t have a cash cushion.

Pricing plan

The plan at Kajabi starts at $129/month however you can try it for free for 28 days.

It’s time to move further to let you know the working process of Kajabi.

How Kajabi exactly works?

Kajabi is a great platform where you can sell online courses and propagate them to get profit from the activity. The working process of Kajabi starts with a working plan which you have to choose from. Once you choose a plan, you now have to set up your account to upload videos. With the help of an editor, you can edit your video content and then upload them with little description and title. In case, you want to include quizzes, you can do by simply encoding the question and supplying the options.

Furthermore, Kajabi also allows you to build pipelines that help you turn prospects into potential clients by providing more efficient marketing funnels. With the help of pipelines, you are able to promote your content and products. You can also offer some freebies that demand the prospects to input their email address. Once you have these speeches, you can easily connect to your prospects to help them make payment.

Should you use Kajabi content management tool?

After reading more than half an article, I hope now you know how important the Kajabi platform is for you. Kajabi is the most integrated online course platform today. If you were using a third-party website to run your entire business then stop because with Kajabi you can run multiple businesses. Kajabi offers you feature to create content and post them to generate traffic to your site and attract people with your content.

If you are completely unfamiliar with anything related to content management systems like WordPress then you can take advantage of Kajabi.

Final words

The best content management tool in the market you have is Kajabi. It provides you everything for the price you pay. In digital marketing, Kajabi is the best tool for the novice because it enables any newcomer to grow his eCommerce business. If you also want to manage your content on the website then make use of Kajabi to enhance your business in the market. I would recommend this wonderful tool for every eCommerce marketer to manage his business from starting to selling.

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